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More Leads DOES NOT EQUAL More Money


Wait, what? Doesn't that statement fly in the face of common wisdom, that the more people you add to your list or more leads that you generate the more money you are going to make? Sure does… And it's the truth, the reality is just adding to people to your list willy nilly is not going to suddenly make you a ton of profit just because the numbers are going up. But what about the whole $1 per...

Do You Think You’ve Got What It Takes?


Do you think you've got what it takes to break free of the shackles of your J.O.B. and create a life for yourself that is not reliant on others determining whether you are good enough? I'll be honest with you, at one point I didn't. I was full of doubt about whether or not I had the time or had the energy or had the skills to change my life for the better. There were so many so called...

What?… What?… What?… Does This Have To Do With An Online Business?


What?… What?… What?… Depending on your age and/or television tastes you may have read the above with the voice of ‘Stone Cold Steve Austin' running through your head. If you didn't let me add some context… and then I'll get to the point. ‘Stone Cold' made “What?” one of his catchphrases during his run as one of the biggest stars in the WWE (here's a video: ) in a program that saw him rallying...

You Must Keep Moving Forward To Succeed In Building Your Business


In today's post I just want to quickly talk about moving forward and keeping up momentum when it comes to building your online business (or any business for that matter). I don't want to spend too long on this topic, but hopefully by the end of this post you'll have some ideas for keeping up momentum in your business and can keep yourself focused on the road ahead. Understanding why it's...

7 Reasons Why An Online Marketing Mentor Will Be Great For Your Business


Taking the time to find and/or invest in an online marketing mentor can have a huge impact on any business, especially if you are new to the world of building a business online, affiliate marketing or digital marketing. In this post I am going to explore how an online marketing mentor will help you to succeed and avoid the common mistakes that new marketers make when they are just getting started...

7 Great Reasons Why A Lifestyle Business Is Better Than A ‘Real Job’


Today I'm going to share my thoughts about why a lifestyle business can be considered better than a real job by outlining 7 reasons why I think it's better than being an employee for someone else. Hopefully by the end of the article you'll have a better understanding why so many people are choosing to invest their time and effort into building a lifestyle business that they can call their own...

Don't Just Live Your Life, Love It!

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