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Your Health; Why Is It Such A Key Factor In A Happy Life?


Health and happiness are two of life’s most sought-after goals, and they often go hand in hand. It’s not surprising that we find a strong correlation between the two: a healthy body can lead to a happier mind, and a positive mindset can lead to better health outcomes. Firstly, let’s delve into the physical aspects of how health contributes to happiness. When we are in good...

How Affiliate Marketing Can Be the Fastest Way to Start an Online Business


Imagine having the opportunity to make money online without creating your own products or offering services. Sounds enticing, right? Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing. In this post, we’ll explore what affiliate marketing is, why you should consider it, and how to get started. What Is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing involves promoting another company’s products or services. When...

What To Write, When You Don’t Know What To Write…


Blogging can be a great way of attracting your target audience to your content and keeping them up to date with the latest goings on with your business or personal interests, however it can sometimes be tough to keep up with it each and every day… or even a few times a week or month, depending on how life gets in the way. So what can you do about coming up with topics each and every week...

Sometimes It’s The Little Things


We had a pretty busy weekend in little old New Zealand, my son had a rugby game, my daughter had netball practise, some last minute shopping needed to be done for Mother’s Day… And then it was Mother’s Day. What was a rubbish day weather wise, was pretty busy in itself, with pancakes for brunch, a family movie and a nice dinner, all being prepared by yours truly while my wife...

WordPress Is Great; But Make Sure Your Site Is Secure


Like many sites on this here internet, this one is powered by WordPress. I’ve used WordPress for years and can even remember back to the “olden” days when to install it you had to manually download a zip file, install it onto your server, set up a database and then do a bunch of manual configuration. Not these days though, the advent of cPanel hosting accounts and other...

Finding The Right Balance, How Much Hustle Is Enough?


There’s been a bit of a debate raging on Twitter (and elsewhere) recently about how many hours one should work, primarily focused on employees but also from the perspective of “changing the world”. It’s an interesting debate and let’s face it, it’s not a particularly new one, what with the likes of Gary V talking about hustle till the cows come home, and other...

Don't Just Live Your Life, Love It!

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