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WordPress Is Great; But Make Sure Your Site Is Secure


Like many sites on this here internet, this one is powered by WordPress. I’ve used WordPress for years and can even remember back to the “olden” days when to install it you had to manually download a zip file, install it onto your server, set up a database and then do a bunch of manual configuration. Not these days though, the advent of cPanel hosting accounts and other...

Lessons Learned From Using A SaaS For Email Sign-ups


Like many sites, this one uses popups (overlay may be a better way to describe them) to capture email addresses for people interested in learning how to build their own online business and live a life they can love. In order to do this I spend some time researching various providers and plugins to try and figure out which one would do the best job for me at a reasonable cost (I ruled out a few...

7 WordPress Mistakes You Must Avoid Making If You Want A Successful Blog…


Today’s article is all about helping you to avoid some common, yet potentially disastrous, mistakes you could be making with your WordPress blog, the consequences of each and how you can get your WordPress blog in tip-top shape. Now it’s possible that you don’t use WordPress to host your blog, but keep reading as many of these particular mistakes can be generalised to apply to...

7 Reasons Why WordPress Is A Must Have Tool For Your Online Business


Today’s article is going to touch on another great tool that any lifestyle business or online business owner should be using to develop and build their online presence, it’s used by millions of people all over the world and is constantly being developed to become an ever better solution. I’m talking about WordPress and my goal is to give you 7 great reasons as to why you should...

Building A New Lifestyle Business? Don’t Let The Tech Get You Down!


In today’s post I’m going to quickly touch on the technology side of building a lifestyle business, but not from the perspective of which tools you should be looking into using that’ll make your life easier, rather I’m going to touch on how it can be too easy to let yourself get distracted or disheartened by all the options and jargon that’ll you’ll come across...

Don't Just Live Your Life, Love It!

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