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7 Reasons Why An Online Marketing Mentor Will Be Great For Your Business


Taking the time to find and/or invest in an online marketing mentor can have a huge impact on any business, especially if you are new to the world of building a business online, affiliate marketing or digital marketing.

In this post I am going to explore how an online marketing mentor will help you to succeed and avoid the common mistakes that new marketers make when they are just getting started.

So, read on to discover why you should be considering an online marketing mentor for your business.

1. They’ve been where you are

If you’re interested in being successful, no matter what industry you choose, following the advice and guidance of an online marketing mentor makes sense as they will have been in the same position you now find yourself in which means they are uniquely positioned to provide you with support and guidance when it comes to building your business.

If you can get mentoring from someone who has managed to overcome a familiar set of odds and now finds themselves in a leadership position within your industry it’ll be much easier for you when you face the inevitable challenges ahead.

Not only will they be able to help you answer questions about how to reach their level of success, they will also be able to relate to the challenges you have and help you to figure out the best course of action to overcome them.

2. They will hold you accountable

Have you ever set out to achieve something with all guns blazing and then find yourself running out of steam in a few weeks or even days?

Well, find yourself a good online marketing mentor and they will hold you accountable for your actions and check in to ensure that you are staying on track and don’t have any excuses for not achieving what you say you’ll do.

Sometimes it can be far worse to think you are letting someone else done than it is to let yourself down, so having someone pushing you along can be just the thing if you’ve tended to start and stop a lot of things in the past with little success.

3. They will challenge you

The last you need when you are trying to achieve your goals is someone who is going to simply give you a cuddle and tell you that you’ve done your best, especially if that is not the truth.

An online marketing mentor, at least one worth working with, is going to challenge you to exceed your expectations and set loftier goals you may think it’s possible to achieve, but don’t you think aiming high is going to be worth it?

I mean what’s the point in achieving your goals if they don’t excite and scare you just a little.

Expect a good online marketing mentor to force you to set goals that may seem unrealistic, especially if you have little success in the past, but be assured the reason they will do this is to stretch you and get you out of your comfort zone.

And being out of your comfort zone is just what you need to discover your potential.

4. They can open doors for you

Imagine if you will that you’ve got a great idea for a new product or a marketing technique, but you’re not equipped to make the most of it, not only could an online marketing mentor be in a position to help you directly, they are also likely to be in a great position to make introductions to other marketers that would be willing to work with you.

Without a doubt some of the biggest opportunities that could arise when working with an online marketing mentor are being able to meet and learn from other great business people who are also successful in their respective endeavours.

Demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow your business with your online marketing mentor and they will feel comfortable introducing you to others within the industry, and the benefit of having a great network of colleagues in similar and complementary industries is not something to be sneezed at.

5. They’ve already made the mistakes

When you’re just getting started in business it can be very easy to repeat the mistakes of others in your industry without even knowing it, after all you don’t know what you don’t know.

But by choosing to work with an online marketing mentor, and finding one that is willing to share their experiences, you will be in a unique position of bouncing ideas off of them before you put them into action.

If you’re heading down a path that is likely to end in a poor outcome and the online marketing mentor has experience this themselves, then they’ll be able to steer you right, saving you time and probably money.

6. They will help you through the rough times

Sometimes we all find ourselves in the position of having worked hard to develop a new product or implement a particular marketing strategy and no matter how well we think we are doing it doesn’t turn out how we’d hoped.

At these times when you are looking for help and assistance it can be hard to find people to relate to, especially if most of your friends are the 40-hour week types, after all if they have no experience of what you are trying to achieve how can they offer constructive assistance?

An online marketing mentor on the other hand knows your industry inside and out, will likely have faced exactly the same challenges and will be able to understand where it is that you are coming from.

While they may not be in a position to solve all of your problems, sometimes just being able to vent or discuss your situation with someone that has lived through it themselves can be particularly cathartic.

7. They will likely become a close friend

The bonds of true friendship are forged through common experience and working closely with someone to achieve your goals has the very real chance of helping you to develop an extremely close relationship.

An online marketing mentor who sticks with you, coaches you and mentors you to success, through the hardest of times and the best of times is going to hold a special place in your list of friends (at least I think it’ll go far beyond any business relationship you may have).

As you both learn more about each other and work closely together you’ll likely end up talking about things other than your business and your mentoring relationship will spill over into other aspects of your lives and you may find yourself with a very good friend at the end of the process.

And who could be better to relax and unwind with after a particularly trying time than someone who has a complete understanding of what you have endured to succeed?

In conclusion

So there you have it, “7 Reasons Why An Online Marketing Mentor Will Be Great For Your Business”, I hope you’ve found this to be an interesting read and a few of my examples have struck a chord with you in your quest to build a great business.

I can’t recommend finding yourself an online marketing mentor enough, building a lifestyle or online business can be a lonely endeavour for some people and being able to turn to someone who truly understands what you are trying to achieve and the particular challenges that you will face along the way, cannot be underestimated.

If you have any thoughts about mentorship or particular points you think I may have missed then please comment below or share your experiences so others can learn and apply the tips to their business (and me to mine).

All the best.

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I'm Stefan, a digital consultant / jack of all trades that has spent over 25 years working with companies, big and small, to deliver great online experiences for millions of customers around the world.

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I'm Stefan, a digital consultant / jack of all trades that has spent over 25 years working with companies, big and small, to deliver great online experiences for millions of customers around the world.

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