Don't Just Live Your Life, Love It!


More Leads DOES NOT EQUAL More Money


Wait, what? Doesn't that statement fly in the face of common wisdom, that the more people you add to your list or more leads that you generate the more money you are going to make? Sure does… And it's the truth, the reality is just adding to people to your list willy nilly is not going to suddenly make you a ton of profit just because the numbers are going up. But what about the whole $1 per...

7 Reasons Why An Online Marketing Mentor Will Be Great For Your Business


Taking the time to find and/or invest in an online marketing mentor can have a huge impact on any business, especially if you are new to the world of building a business online, affiliate marketing or digital marketing. In this post I am going to explore how an online marketing mentor will help you to succeed and avoid the common mistakes that new marketers make when they are just getting started...

Grow Your Business By Doing “5 Things Leaders Do On A Daily Basis”


Following on from my previous article about having a plan for your business I thought I would share with you something that I have been taught with regards to taking effective action in my lifestyle business each and every day, Not only does this approach focus on building your business and income it also helps you to focus on another important aspect of your business development: You! Read on to...

Do You Have A Plan? 5 Reasons Why You’ll Fail If You Don’t Make One!


Today I'm going to talk all about planning. If you don't have a plan for your business, whether it be a daily one, a weekly one or a yearly one, how are you going to measure your success and keep yourself on track? Worse still, when you sit down at your computer, laptop or tablet to do some work in your online or lifestyle business, how do you keep from being distracted by other non-essential...

Be Sure You Know What Success Looks Like For Your Lifestyle Business!


This post is going to focus on you and your goals for starting a lifestyle or online business, in particular getting you to think exactly what success might look like from your perspective. My goal is to provide you with some helpful tips for defining what success looks like for you and how you can avoid comparing yourself to others when you measure how far you have come. So let's get started…...

Considering Starting A Lifestyle Business? Here’s To Feeling Overwhelmed!


In this post I'm going to quickly touch on a common phenomenon that many would be lifestyle business owners come across when they're starting out and give you some advice based on my experience of living it. My goal is that once you've finished reading you'll be better prepared for handling the situation if/when it arises for you. So what's this mystery phenomenon then? Well, having read the...

Don't Just Live Your Life, Love It!