Don't Just Live Your Life, Love It!


I'm Stefan, a digital consultant who has spent over 20 years delivering customer centric solutions for blue chip companies. I'm now focused on supporting people who want to create a life they can love, by leveraging the power of an online/lifestyle business.

Sometimes It’s The Little Things


We had a pretty busy weekend in little old New Zealand, my son had a rugby game, my daughter had netball practise, some last minute shopping needed to be done for Mother's Day… And then it was Mother's Day. What was a rubbish day weather wise, was pretty busy in itself, with pancakes for brunch, a family movie and a nice dinner, all being prepared by yours truly while my wife enjoyed being...

WordPress Is Great; But Make Sure Your Site Is Secure


Like many sites on this here internet, this one is powered by WordPress. I've used WordPress for years and can even remember back to the “olden” days when to install it you had to manually download a zip file, install it onto your server, set up a database and then do a bunch of manual configuration. Not these days though, the advent of cPanel hosting accounts and other technologies...

Finding The Right Balance, How Much Hustle Is Enough?


There's been a bit of a debate raging on Twitter (and elsewhere) recently about how many hours one should work, primarily focused on employees but also from the perspective of “changing the world”. It's an interesting debate and let's face it, it's not a particularly new one, what with the likes of Gary V talking about hustle till the cows come home, and other entrepreneurs regaling...

Lessons Learned From Using A SaaS For Email Sign-ups


Like many sites, this one uses popups (overlay may be a better way to describe them) to capture email addresses for people interested in learning how to build their own online business and live a life they can love. In order to do this I spend some time researching various providers and plugins to try and figure out which one would do the best job for me at a reasonable cost (I ruled out a few...

How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business From Scratch, With No Experience


Have you ever thought about just packing it all in and doing something different instead of trudging off to your job each day, slowly losing the will to live and counting the minutes until the weekend? Does travelling the globe excite you, or working with your local charity, or how about spending as much time as possible with your kids as you can – life's short after all? The idea of...

5 Tips For Finding The Right Online Business Opportunity


Today I'm going to talk about my tips for finding the business opportunity that is right for you… not whatever the latest fad online is, not what everyone else is doing… rather how you can find something that will suit you now and in the future. So without further ado, here are 5 tips for finding the right online business opportunity for YOU. 1. Let ‘who you are' be a factor The...

Don't Just Live Your Life, Love It!